Sales and Shipping

  • If you are interested in acquiring a sculpture, please contact Aldo Macor who will personally attend your order and define the details of the sale. Moreover if you wish to receive more pictures of the works or some additional information he will comply.

  • We accept checks, money orders or bank transfers. The sculpture must be completely paid for the artist to ship it to your address.

  • We can ship the sculpture with its proper packing, insured and send it through well known shipping companies by air or sea. We have already shipped sculptures abroad in other occasions and they were received in perfect shape.

  • All prices are in US $, «ex factory», which means that prices do NOT include packaging, transportation fees, insurance, custom taxes, etc. These prices will in every instance depend from the distance between buyer and seller.

  • You may, of course, find out the budget for packing and shipping the sculpture you have chosen and be sure you will be dealt with quickly and in a personalized way.


Technical Tips

  • Of each sculpture only 6 (six) originals were made, signed and numbered from # 1/6 to # 6/6 (some sculptures of major dimensions may also be limited to less originals –see descriptions–) .

  • The number of the works at hand is indicated case by case in this site (for instance «5/6 - 6/6» means only two originals are ready to be sold, # 5/6 and # 6/6).

  • If not otherwise indicated all measures are calculated by height x width x depth.

  • In the detail of each sculpture you may appreciate a sketch showing the scale of the sculpture to a human figure 1,80 meters tall. This scale is just a reference and does not presume to be exact.

  • By «bronze» we mean the alloy with a fire generated patina.

  • All original pieces are founded in Caracas, with the system of «lost wax», under the supervision and control of the artist, at two main foundries: H. Heilbron and A. Carrasco.

  • Prices can change without prior notification..
  • All details are thought to be correct but are not guaranteed.